thrifting in charlotte :: day ninety-one

G (my wonderful, loving and supportive husband) and i recently went shopping for clothes for him. now, he was never 100% on board with this 100 days of living local idea, but has helped me out nonetheless, God bless him.

He is, this experiment aside, a very thrifty man; we make a well-matched and parsimonious couple.  (our kids are probably gonna grow up and want to be a celebrity housewife or on ‘cribs’ or something because of it. but that’s our job, right? to force our ideals onto those without a choice? only kidding).

so we went to two very well-organized thrift stores in charlotte and scored some pretty great deals.

the first, value city. well-organized (by size) but no dressing rooms.  turns out the pair of pants we bought (for $1.88 b/c they happened to be 50% off that day) weren’t quite long enough. which leads me to believe just because they’re organized by size, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right size. worst case scenario: he has a pair of work pants or shorts. for less than 2 bucks.

then we went to bargain hunters, just right down the road.  again, very well-organized and this time they had dressing rooms.

so, after a couple of hours and spending $45ish dollars he had 4 pairs of name brand casual and dress pants and three long-sleeved dress shirts and one short sleeve polo-like shirt.

not bad.

but we followed good thrifting practices (well, ones that work for me):

1- go with a specific idea of what you’re looking for and stick to the list (i did buy 4 $.19 plastic ikea plates for the girls and a jawbreaker from the quarter machine but the “off-list” items ended up being less than $1 total, so that’s ok by me).

2- take a friend that will tell you if something looks dumb unflattering.

3- did i mention stick to the list?  while shopping, i temporarily “owned” a mary poppins vinyl record and two very cool vintage plates  (“owned” meaning i carried them around while graham tried on stuff). but left them there. if you go home with more stuff than you need, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

uh, also, in the interest of full disclosure, he also went to marshalls and bought new white t-shirts and dress socks.  his choice, folks.

do you have any thrifting adventures? what’s your strategy?

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2 thoughts on “thrifting in charlotte :: day ninety-one

  1. Aunt ReNey says:

    Try to check out the Goodwill in Cornelius and Mooresville. I know teachers that have bought some wonderful clothes at both. Also, keep a check on T J Maxx for good deals on adult clothes and kids; shoes too. Also, Ross has some great deals, but you have to go back each week. Habitat for Humanity in Huntersville/Davidson has good deals on wonderful books and they are alphabatized by author. Uh, oh, I’m giving away my good secrets!
    Aunt ReNey

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